Space is Extremely Limited to Ensure the Highest Quality

Achieve Better Results with Private Coaching

Gain a Competitive Advantage

“Brad has judged hundreds of competitors and knows what the judges look for.”

Get Personalized Solutions

“Brad know that each student needs something different to be their best.”

Boost Your Confidence and Performance

“Brad makes sure his competitors are properly prepared and ready to go on game day.”

About Your Coach

Brad Killmeyer has inspired and helped thousands of students set, pursue and achieve their goals. He has judged and coached hundreds of students for competitive events. His book “Write to Dream” allows students to easily keep score. Competitors will receive an E-Copy of this book with their first session. This approach allows students to adjust quickly and obtain better results.

The Formula for Success:

  • Set Clear Goals
  • Develop a Plan
  • Customized Solutions
  • Consistent Progress
  • Peak Performance!

“Brad’s advice was essential for my winning my competitive event. He helped me strategize, practice and boosted my confidence.” – Alyssa

Simple Pricing $25 a Session

(Space is Extremely Limited to Ensure the Highest Quality Service)